Purposeful Celebration of You!

(A Meditation)

You are so absolutely beautiful.

You — expression and creation of the most perfect infinite Source that could ever be imagined — have within You all the ingredients of that Source.

You have the light the very pure light of that infinite being coursing through Your veins present in Your aura floating around Your head inspiring You and blessing You every moment.

You have the love of that same infinite remarkable divine source filling Your heart and pounding with the beat, the heart beat of every moment of Your heart.

And filling You and the space around You and everyone around You with pulsations and vibrations of love, and embrace and intimacy, and again caring based blessing.

And then, You beautiful amazing being that You are, are filled with the Power or Life Force, filled with the underlying vitality and energy and wondrous dynamic richness of that phenomenal source.

It’s You, it’s You here, it’s You now.

Can You sense it, see it, feel it, know it, visualize it or whatever is Your style?

Can You come into just meeting it and letting it meet You, and letting it fill You and letting it, yes, take You over?  Take over Your awareness and consciousness?

Can You know in this moment that all that You have ever perceived as the perfection of life the fullness of the Divine, the magnificence of the Universe, the unendingness of all that is, that that’s You?

Here now, You here now, loving, lifeing, living, lighting, empowering Yourself, every cell, every energy, every pulsating aspect of Your body, everything around You in a quantum way.

You are one with every person on this planet, You are one with every life force in any other world that exists in any other Universe. In every way, You and I and We are so one.

That just by You being You, all life is brighter, all life is feeling blessed, all life is experiencing love in a deeper, fuller, bigger, broader way, just because You are filled with just the creative juice, the creative blessings, creative ingredients, the creative dynamics that You are.

Everyone listening to these words right now is so much fuller. Can You perceive Yourself blessing all of us, can You see us much fuller, more light filled, more radiant, more dynamic, more feeling blessed just because You are here?

We thank You so much, because You just in this moment are such a purposeful, lover to us, gift giver to us, blesser to us, for all that is life is giving to us through You in this moment.

And when we hang up and You turn to talk to someone else, or go to read a book, or You turn on a television to watch something, everybody that You are touching, seeing, experiencing, watching is blessed by You because You are that rich, that light filled, that love filled, that powerful, that dynamic, that beautiful, that divine, aren’t You?

Which means, isn’t God — isn’t everyone of us — so wondrous?

In a moment, when we open our eyes to say a beautiful, precious good bye until the next time we meet, please know everyone here, every minute between now and the next time they hear You, You hear them, or we are together, or perhaps for the rest of their lives if we never make that tangible connection, because we’ve touched.

We are One with each other and because You are You everyone of us for the rest of our lives will be richer, feel more lovely, experience life more beautifully.

You have just in this hour made life so wonderful for now and for years and years to come. Would that, every minute of every day, You would know that same blessing that happens just because You are You, out into every life force on this planet, into molten rock and the interior of this planet, into every bit of prana and chi and air that we breathe all around the atmospheric level of this planet.

Into every bush, plant, flower and blade of grass on the surface of this planet.  Into the water and oceans and the seas and all the life that is in them and out beyond through the solar system and every other world, and every other light called a star, and every other light called a rock that floats in and through the many galaxies of this Universe, and the other Universes — You.

You are that amazing, a blesser of us all.  Thank You so much.

As You are opening Your eyes remember this magnificence of YOU! And so it is…

From a call by Bill Bauman