Mastering the Moment

Spend ten minutes each day, simply being in the moment.  That’s right, just sitting in the middle of the moment that envelopes you and during those ten minutes:

  • Ask your soul (or the Soul of Life, or God) to present to you a focus (it can be anything; let it come to you; don’t use your logic or reason; don’t try to figure it out). Please note that this is different from a meditative practice in which you transcend; if you are strongly entrenched in such a transcendental practice, this one that I’m suggesting might take awhile for you to feel comfortable with it.

  • Once you’re clear about the nature of that focus, consider it to be the intended doorway to your special moment. Enter into it, just like walking into a house, and sit down in the middle of whatever that focus is, and just be with it.

  • Shut down your mind and reason, your beliefs and values, your everything—except this special moment. Do nothing—just be in the moment … receptive, alert, open, receptive, witnessing … witnessing … witnessing.

  • As you witness, let the soul of that moment come to you, find you and engage you.
  • If you find yourself thinking about what’s going on, invite your mind to stop thinking (or evaluating, or comparing, or interpreting, etc.) … again, just be … and be with whatever that moment is … with complete surrender to its play. Lose yourself in it.

  • At the end, don’t let yourself evaluate or think about the experience. Simply leave it behind and move into the next moment of your day. The soul of that moment will teach you from within your psyche (not your mind) and initiate you from within the depths of your consciousness.

Looking forward to our next time together, I place my love and blessing into your beautiful heart.

Bill Bauman