Testimonials of Bill’s Work

What Others have Experienced with Bill Bauman:

“I cannot say enough about Bill and his presence. Studying with Bill was the first time I became aware of “transmission” as a style of teaching. It didn’t really matter what Bill was saying or doing. What I got was taking place on a deeper level. I was being transformed, healed, inspired and deeply touched and moved, just from being in his presence. That being said, what Bill has to say is always inspired, enlightened and humorous.”
– Debbi Brown, Phoenix, Arizona

Bill Bauman can be completely relied upon to lead you out of the dark and into the grandest vision, love and abundance one can imagine.”  – Rev. Larry James Stevens, San Diego, California

I can truthfully say that I have never met anyone of any degree of illumination or enlightenment who is as compassionate, integrated and affirmative as Bill. He meets you where you are without compromising who he is and, in the process, you are expanded, uplifted, healed and reconnected with your essential nature.”  – Alan Scherr, Faber, Virginia

“Bill Bauman is a quiet, profound avatar and huge gift to humanity. He is a master of the moment. I am deeply humbled and grateful for the gracious way that he has gently led me home to my higher self. His loving presence generates consciousness, transformation and compassion. He teaches beyond the level of the mind and provides a thrilling journey into the levels of soul, light, vibration and all the elements. The gift of learning with this masterful teacher is an opportunity not to be missed!”  – Angela Mandato, Santa Clara, Utah

On each of Bill’s weekend seminars I have been propelled at lightning speed to the next level of my unfolding. These changes are permanent and continue to unfold.”  – Gail Herson, Santa Barbara, California

“Bill has guided me to know all that I am. He is a master full of grace and humor. I am permanently indebted to his love. If you would like to meet and interact with Pure Love, come to one of Bill’s seminars.”  – Mark Hanson, Fairfield, Iowa

“Capturing the essence and fullness of Bill Bauman would be like trying to catch Niagara Falls in a bucket. This mild-mannered man is a powerful force. His own “bucket” is big enough to hold a group, no matter how large. He can reach in and touch each of us individually and all of us simultaneously. When he does, he unwraps the mysteries of each soul, reveals and reflects all the beauty and potential within, and gives that back to each of us as a gift. Then he leaves us free to choose how we are going to be with that gift. And he does all this with wit and humor that I find so endearing that it alone would be worth the price of admission.”  – Sharon Heller, M.S., Austin, Texas

What Respected Leaders Say About Bill Bauman’s Work

“Bill Bauman is the most profound and wise healer, counselor and teacher that I have ever known. Bill has the ability to find out your soul’s deepest calling, to help you get in touch with that calling, to open up your heart, and to inspire you… Bill speaks with profound authority, truth, light and love. There is nobody that I know that I would rather work with than Bill Bauman.”
Marci Shimoff
Author, Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason

“If you’d like to have an experience in your life that would take you to the spiritual heights, to the emotional depths and to the relational expressions that you want to have with people-and you want to do it with a real master, someone who is very subtle but very powerful-then I want to recommend to you the work of Bill Bauman. He is an incredible being who has touched me in my heart.”
Jack Canfield

Co-creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“Bill Bauman’s seminars are the most transformative seminars that I have ever taken. From the moment you walk into the room and sit down, Bill’s energy starts entering your whole physiology. And by the time you leave, you are completely transformed into an individual who is thinking clearly, feeling extremely open, with a heart filled full of love, wanting to do nothing but be of service to the rest of humanity-because you have just been served so totally from Bill.”
Janet Bray Attwood
Co-author, The Passion Test

“Bill Bauman is presence in action. He also brings humor to the deeply intuitive. He’s just a great guy, and I highly recommend that you work with him.”
Hale Dwoskin
CEO, The Sedona Method