Light Exercises & Expressions

Center for Soulful Living
Light Exercises, by Bill Bauman
March 25, 2012

Bill: I want to invite us to the equivalent of a short meditation and set the stage for that.  The room is filled with a Light that is inviting each of us into our fullness.  It is here to take where we were this morning and amp it up significantly, significantly, significantly.

Let’s assume the need for a personal “yes” has disappeared. Somehow we are all on board with the Light nature and soul of our being.

With that little bit of input, it feels like the Light would like to be with us and us with It so we can melt into each other………

<  <  <  Meditation Time >  >  >


So, if I were the voice of the Light we have just spent time with, I would say this to each and all of us:  As the Light, I love you.  I am not just an impersonal Light, which I am, but I love you and adore you.

As the Light, I am completely committed to you and your support and your full becoming and empowerment.

As the Light, I have everything in my power to make that happen.  I can make all things happen.  I can do it alone or I can do it as part of you.

We are at the point where there is no free will as we distinguish it by being separate from the divine. I am here to bring everything into being that the afternoon is about.

The Light seems to have the complete intention this afternoon to play in the miracle-creating realm. It is that a chunk of the afternoon is demonstration time.  It feels like the way.

I feel like inviting each of us to take a few minutes and identify what the Light would like to create in us, and in a few minutes witness the Light doing that in an in-the-moment style.

<< Each person spoke about what the Light wants to create in him/her. >>

Bill:  Well, I like this game, too.

At one level, it is about the Light showing and demonstrating. And at another, it is about taking us over, and we are that.

(Later in the day…)

Bill:  So, earlier the Light said I am you and you are me. Here is the human leap: to know that I am the miracle and to live from there. So, let the Light be the power and juice for all of life.

A judgment comes in and Light takes it over.  I walk down the street and see the blessings go out.  I walk as Light.  I am Light-filled.  I am the Light-reflector.

Who am I? I am the Light.  The invitation is to not just take our cues from it but to fully live in that.

The Light is saying I am so here, and we are One, so be the Light in the world.  I wonder — and this is not to call any of us into denial — I wonder how much we can give ourselves permission to let the Light live us and experience ourselves as the Light?

We have had plenty of experiences of that. So, this afternoon is to take any question that might come up and take it to the Light. What would the Light say, or what is the Light saying?

Personify it.

March 26, 2012

Bill:  I want to describe what I am inviting in specific and general terms.  Here’s the general inspiration that I have:  It looks like the Light wants to have each of us have a little bit of time to have the Light bless, heal, transform in a way that is personal to self, or a client, or organization, or maybe world hunger, or whatever.

It can be something specific or something general. Become clear that the Light and the Light in me wants to bless and transform something.  And it will do it how the Light wants to and will support and bless with everyone together the whole something.

When we each had that one minute, it was demonstrating the power of Light in us. Now it is demonstrating each of us as a leader of Light.

I want to invite this as practice.
I really want to invite this for you to have an experience as Enlightened Leader. It’s not just walking through a ritual but working its miracle with “x”.  Want to invite a way to do this but it may change How – Share briefly what it is you are inviting – and you be the leader – share at the end if you feel like it

<< Sharing of being the Light of the Enlightened Leader and what the Light is inviting/creating/expressing through us as that Leader >>

Bill: And I invite all of us to know or intuit the depth into which those words were spoken, and the blessing and power infused into that depth, and the spirit that those words invited the light to be directed toward. And as we breathe anew, we notice the collective power and growingly powerful Light and how it circles back around to the first person’s expression and so forth adding more power, more oomph, more juice to each of our expressions …

I would like to express my personal expression of Light. I am Light now, I have always been Light, and I will always be Light. And even when I die, I will become more focusedly Light. And even as the individuality of me dissipates into the Allness of Light, it will always be present to all of you, the twelve of you. And to all life on this planet and beyond and to all expressions of Light including stars and their concomitant worlds.

I as Light command myself to be powerful and intimately part of every creation with renewed amplitude from this moment on so that with everything and everyone, I am a creative principle for the Light-filled truth that lives in every manifestation of creation and in each person, place, or thing from this moment forward.

As these words are spoken, they are henceforth entered into the Book of Life and to their application to those around us, the application to circumstances and focuses and their applications.

As they are written in the Book of Life, let them now express into the world of expression, into the world of mind, into … so they will find their expression in the world.

As they are written in the Book of Life and manifest from that source, so it now is Invite us to sit for two or three minutes in the glow of Light that has been charged with this precious ceremony …

Say that as the Light, as we leave here don’t let your hearts be troubled. There are things that you have not expressed, and I know them because I am the Light, and I will bring them to fruition because I am the Light and I love you.

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