Greetings!  And welcome to this sacred site. It is our honor to make this vast repository of free recordings and documents from Bill Bauman — who taught so many through his unbounded devotion to Life — available to you for your inspiration and grace.

Bill’s immense body of work in the areas of being present with love, authenticity, and kindness has unequivocally inspired those of us who were fortunate to have been in his presence and played this game of life with him.  Jimmy has meticulously gathered this work and we are excited to have birthed this site for everyone’s enjoyment and benefit.

Though our beloved mentor has deservedly retired from public life after 50+ years of service to humanity, he leaves behind these gifts for our discovery.  (His current mission focuses support for global transformation from the realms of collective consciousness.)  As well, you will likely find his works to be powerfully transformational in your own life as you immerse yourself in the magic of his messages.  

Bill may have retired, but his legacy will live forever in our hearts, through that which is beyond the words…

Loving Blessings,
Janis M
Laura M  (laura@billbauman.net)
Jimmy G  (jimmy@billbauman.net)

P.S.  To Bill’s vast student community:  For any other works of Bill — or images of us — that you have and would like see here, feel free to contact us to have it added to this site.