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"Everything about you is perfect, lovable and delicious.
May you discover the endless wonder of your beautiful self!"


of Upcoming Events


Welcome to my Schedule page. What follows is a listing of my schedule for two types of events:

  • the group-oriented events I will be leading over the coming months, and
  • my individual-oriented events—that is, my personal intensive schedule


Schedule of Group-Oriented Events

If you would like more information about any of the programs listed below, simply click on the underlined event,
and you will automatically be transferred to the details of that event on the Offerings page of this website.

January 9
January 11-13
Las Vegas, Nevada
February 8-10
Las Vegas, Nevada
February 13
March 13
April 10
April 12-14
Las Vegas, Nevada
April 26-28
Las Vegas, Nevada
May 8
May 30 - June 2
Pearlstone Retreat Center
Reistertown, Maryland
June 12
June 21-23
Las Vegas, Nevada
July 8 - August 19 Seven-week Teleconference: “SPIRITUAL KEYS TO INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS ”
a Shift Network offering
July 10
July 12-14
Las Vegas, Nevada
August 14
September 11
September 19-22
Las Vegas, Nevada
October 9
October 11-13
Las Vegas, Nevada
November 4 - December 16 Seven-week Teleconference: "AWAKENING THE MYSTIC CHRIST WITHIN" - a Shift Network offering  
November 13
November 15-17
Las Vegas, Nevada
December 5-8 Winter Retreat in Zion National Park
a Center for Soulful Living offering
Zion Ntl Park, Utah
December 11

Download Bill's 2014 Offerings Schedule

Schedule of Personal Intensives
(Full-day and Half-day)

During an average month, I set aside three days for full-day (8-hour) personal intensives (usually on Wednesdays), and twelve days for half-day intensives (4-hours). If you are interested in scheduling one of these intensives with me,
please proceed to the Register page.

















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